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A film about our work in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory

After more than 60 years of conflict, many people in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory are living in fear and poverty.

In our churches and communities, our support for IoPt is often a topic that is difficult to discuss; it polarises and divides people.

Along with our partners, we are deeply committed to, and engaged in, the pursuit of a just peace – for all people – regardless of who they are.

This film seeks to inform, engage, inspire and challenge. Featuring our partners’ work in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, you’ll learn more about our work to protect human rights, support the poor, and help build a viable peace based on justice for all.

Baha Nababta, the young Palestinian man who features in the beginning of this film, was tragically murdered in May 2016. A tireless campaigner, and community organiser, Baha will be remembered by many for his refusal to abandon hope and optimism, and as somebody who brought positive change to countless people’s lives.

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Supporting resource

Download resource

If you’re showing this film to a church group, then you might like to download our supporting resource.

It contains prayers, biblical reflections and a series of discussion topics, which have been designed to help audiences engage deeper with the issues raised in the film.

Ways to get involved

If, after watching this film, you would like to find out about ways to act for justice and peace in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, visit our partner, EAPPI’s website, which lists ways to get involved.

More on our partners’ work featured in the film: