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REACH for rights and representation in Iraq

Our Iraqi partner organisation, REACH, works with Iraqi communities to help them engage with the authorities to get their needs understood and provided for.

REACH blanket distributionThese include ensuring that rural roads are built and renovated, or that supplies of livestock vaccinations are delivered to the farmers that need them rather than getting stockpiled in government storerooms.

A major success for REACH last year saw the regional government agree to buy all of its wheat and barley from poor farmers in the region, rather than from large agricultural companies owned by those in power.

This new policy will benefit 400,000 farmers and their families.

REACH director Dana Hassan talks about the issues at hand: ‘The major concerns in the election are corruption, dignity, unfair distribution of resources.

‘People are concerned about development – they want social and economic development, and political participation.

‘I hope that all the people will have fair representation. Rich and poor, Kurdish and non-Kurdish, women and men, I hope that they all get enough voices in the parliament to represent their interests.’

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