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Protecting women’s rights in Afghanistan

Under the Taliban, women and girls in Afghanistan were banned from education, and leaving the house without a male family member. Today they remain marginalised and poor. An estimated one in three women is subject to emotional, physical or sexual abuse and only 13% of women are able to read and write.

Christian Aid in Afghanistan not only works with women to help them gain access to healthcare, education and employment, but we also work to protect their rights and the rights of their children.

By helping enshrine their rights – not only within the community but also in the Afghan law – Christian Aid and its partners are aiming to ensure the role of women in Afghan society is protected in the long term.

Women’s rights: triumphs and challenges for Afghanistan

Blindness comes with great stigma in Afghanistan, and many families hide blind children away at home. Girls are often doubly stigmatised. Christian Aid partner ANAB works to change attitudes to blindness. One of its key activities is helping visually impaired children, in particular girls, gain access to mainstream education. Photo: Christian Aid/Tabitha Ross

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