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One million ways to make a difference

July 2014

Together we can take a million actions to change our world.

By making changes in our everyday lives and in our communities, we can stand alongside others across the globe and show those in power that not only do we want change, but also that it is possible.

We can all play our part in reducing the threat of climate change and protecting the things we love, helping to build a brighter future.

Every action we take - whether individually, or as part of a family, church, workplace or community group - is one part of a much bigger picture.

What difference can you make?

You may already be taking action; you may be looking for inspiration, or wondering how to do more. We're here to help!

Here are a couple of inspiring ideas from people already taking action in their community and workplace. You can also download our climate justice resources for more ideas!

Community action

Keryn Banks volunteers at a local community gardening project in Glasgow called 'South Seeds', which is funded by the Scottish Government through its Climate Challenge Fund.

Woman in community garden 'The gardening project we are involved with is in an area of unused land, by agreement with the landlord until such time as they want the land back.

'It started with litter picking and clearing out the old vegetation.

'We have now moved on considerably after planting a small orchard and about 20 raised planters filled with compost to grow radishes, beetroot, peas and beans. We also have a herb garden.

'There are about 20 of us who turn up once a week. It's a great way to meet other local residents and do something positive in the community.

'We're learning so much in terms of gardening and it's a good way to talk about climate change with other people.

'I am lucky in that I already know a little bit about it, but for some of the other local residents it's really quite exciting to talk to them about how this is all part of climate change adaptation.

'South Seeds also helps residents find ways to save energy in their homes by looking at glazing, loft and under-floor insulation, and other ways to save electricity and gas.'

  • It's a good way to talk about climate change with other people.'

This short film explains more about the South Seeds project. 

Workplace action

Here's an idea of our own - Diana Wright, who works in our Glasgow office, tells us how a 'swapathon' can be a fun way of recycling in the workplace.

'During Christian Aid Week this year we organised a swapathon in the Glasgow office.

Office swapathon

'Staff were encouraged to bring along things such as books, household objects, clothes, jewellery, DVDs etc that they no longer wanted. 

'We held a fun auction in the office where we bid against each other for the items we wanted to take home.

'It was easy and completely free to organise, and it was great fun! It's a fantastic way to recycle and it’s amazing to see how something you no longer need is a treasure to someone else.

'We raised a lot of money for Christian Aid, too. Everyone had a good time, and we all left with some bargains!'

There are many more ways you could make a difference. What are you going to do? Why not share your ideas with our campaigns officer, Diane Green?


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