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Do it your way...at school

In church Fundraise your way at school. School can be fun when you get everyone to take part in your fundraiser for Christian Aid.

How about some of these ideas to brighten up the day and at the same time, help end poverty?

  • Dress down day

  • Dress down for the day and have fun! Have a day where you don't have to wear your school uniform. Ask your school if your classmates can donate 50p to wear casual clothes to school for the day.

Battle it out

If you love computer games then organise a competition with your friends at school. Your classmates can donate 50p to enter and then win a prize if they beat everyone else.

Sponsored swim

If you like swimming, why not get your classmates to sponsor you 50p for every width or length you swim at your local pool?

Find out more about Christian Aid's work within schools and discover a whole variety of school resources.


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