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Christmas Appeal: a resounding success

When you last met Christine Parakuo, in our 2014 Christmas Appeal, she was nine months pregnant and nervously awaiting the birth of her baby. Having miscarried late in her last pregnancy, she was scared something might go wrong again. Lilly Peel reports.

Mother and baby next to weighing scales

We’re delighted to be able to tell you that Christine safely delivered a healthy, happy baby boy! She named him Samson Kishoyian (Kishoyian means ‘shepherd’ in Maasai) and he’s thriving.

Our maternal and child health projects are ensuring that women like Christine and their children get the best healthcare available. During her pregnancy, Christine regularly visited the mobile health clinic, held in her village by our partner the Transmara Rural Development Programme (TRDP), to ensure there were no complications. And now she takes baby Samson to the mobile clinic to be vaccinated and weighed.

She says: ‘I am happy that the services are there. They are of a high level and we only have to walk a short distance. Samson is healthy.’

Since we visited Sitoka village, TRDP has set up a mother support group where Christine and other women learn important health and

hygiene messages. They are also learning how to grow their own vegetables and can take out small loans.

Christine’s mother-in-law, Noorkipali Nooloboru, Sitoka’s traditional birth attendant, has been retrained to become a ‘mother adviser’. In the past, she told women to deliver at home, but now she works with the mobile clinic nurses and community health workers to ensure mothers and pregnant women get the healthcare they need.

Since the project started, not a single baby has died in the communities where TRDP is working.

Thanks to you, our 2014 Christmas Appeal was a resounding success. We raised a staggering £3.6m. As the UK Government matched all

eligible donations pound for pound, this means nearly £3m in additional funds for maternal and child health projects in Kenya, Malawi and beyond.

That means thousands more women like Christine will get better healthcare for themselves, their children and their communities. Thank you!

Throughout 2015, we will be bringing you updates on our projects and about Christine and the other women whose stories we featured in our appeal.

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